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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 12, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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march marsy mason has been with us all is he smes ter. special report up next.achild. or child they have been helping children for over 50 years. think about it. this is a fox news alert. tensions flaring between cliven bundy and the federal government over the rancher's cattle grazing. cliven and his son will join us. bundy supporters confronted the heavily armed federal officials with guns and tasers. now according to the bundy family members, an elderly woman was thrown to the ground, another protesters, the son of mr. bundy was tazed three times and joining me with the latest, fox' own william. >> sean, he's getting militia showing up from around the country to confront agents with
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the federal burro of land management that claims that bundy in 1994 lost his right to graze cattle when the feds declared it a habemus paps be a the endangered tortoise and bundy defied court orders to remove head of cattle and failing to pay up to a million dollars in grazing fees. bundy's son sees it differently. >> yesterday we seen them throw an elderly woman to the ground, and taze another protester three times. the tortoise thing is a scapegoat from day one. the tortoise is not endanger. how will this end? >> reporter: yeah. >> hopefully peacefully. it will end with we the people prevailing. >> federal agents arrested dave bundy for interfering with a roundup. on wednesday they used tasers and guard dogs. shot with a stun gun and his sister tackled to the ground.
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the fight now isn't just about the law, but how it's being enforced. >> this isn't about turtles. this isn't about grazing rights or cattle. this is about government control. where in the hell did they get the authority to put snipers on that hill and pull it on people standing there and cross that imaginary line, do they have orders to shoot? >> it's unreal. myself being a veteran, you know, that's not what i fought for this country for. >> armed militia from around the country are traveling to the ranch to support the family. police cited two tuesday. the bundys asked militia members not to wear military fatigues or carry weapons, of course the fear is somebody will use this opportunity to provoke violence with the feds. right now they seized about half
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his heard and they are urging restraint and the local sheriff has not intervened. >> thank you for the report. we'll continue to hope for a peaceful resolution of the stand off. back tonight, the man in the middle. nevada rancher, cliven bundy who is kind enough to give our producer as tour of the property in question today and he's joined by his son aman. you were tazed three times, as well, right? >> that's correct. all right -- >> can you hear me, sean? >> i can hear you fine. can you hear me? >> good. >> the worse words in the english language, can you hear me now? let's go back. let's start at the present moment. we got, what, 200 agents, cliven, surrounding you ranch at this present moment and taking your cattle more and more every day. is that where we are at this moment? >> yes, that's where you're at. there are at least 200 armed
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agents and they are with high-powered telescopes and snipers and in other words, full dress of armor, and they are out here, you know, hassling us people, we the people of nevada. >> all right. so let me make sure. so you got all these agents, you have, what, 500 head of cattle and taken close to 300 of them by now? >> yes, that's about the number i understand. they got a lot of them and taking these cows off their natural has been tabitat and pum in a crail to sell. >> this is not federal land, this is state land? >> this is clark county, nevada state land. >> right. how long, how long has your family been out there and how long have your cattle been grazing out there, it goes back to the 1800s , 1877 my grandfat
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pulled here with a wagon and a team of horses. >> this all started, aman, maybe we'll bring you into this. this all started because they said we have this endangered desert tortoise. now it's turned into a lot bigger issue than that. didn't they build a ref fuuge f the tortoise? >> yes, they have a ref fuse in las vegas, nevada where they collected so many tortoise they have to euthanize them. >> so the federal government, this whole thing supposedly started out as the desert tortoise and the federal government thriving so well they are killing some of them. would the cattle ever hurt them in any way? do the cattle ever get in the way of -- >> no. >> explain. >> when i was young, we did -- when i was young we did actual tests to prove this. we put a rock about the size of
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a turtle in the gateway of a corral and ran about 100 head of cattle through it and not one cow stepped on the rock. they do not step on turtles. >> here is my big worry here because things are getting very hostile. you got tazed. a woman got thrown to the ground. you got more and more protesters coming out there to support you guys. what is it about this moment? i understand there is a dispute, and i understand that you did lose the court case. what is it about this piece of land when we have so many problems with drugs and criminals and pedophiles? the countries has a lot of problems. why have they decided to fight for this piece of land? is there something they want to do with it? do they believe the desert tortoise is in jeopardy? why would they, i guess, initiate that type of confrontation that could end ugly at this moment? i'm trying to understand what their thinking is. do either of you know? >> let me try to explain it. they want total unlimited power
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over the people of the united states. they want this land and they, it's not the land as much as they want the power. they want policing power, and they want -- what they have done here is neutralized our state of nevada governor and county sheriff and now going to take cliven bundy's cat and will if they get rid of me they take the rest of the rights of we the people. >> and this is state property where is the governor? >> no, they do not have no right to be here, not the united states. the governor has the total say here. he can -- they can stop this right now and they should be. that's what the governor should be doing, saying get out of here federal government, this is nevada state. >> right. now you got some support from some guys in utah. one of the commissioners in utah
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and your local, your local, i guess, committee man or the guy in your neighborhood, clark county commissioner, he actually raised the stakes by saying if these guys, these ranchers that want to come out from utah and support you in solidarity, he called them quote inbreds, why would a county commissioner ever say that? >> well, i guess we elected him. we have to put up with him. >> yeah, and -- >> that is a shame, though. that is -- >> yeah. >> that is a shame, there is no doubt about it. >> and what is this? i thought america was a free speech zone. so the burro of land management set up only one area where people are allowed free speech? i thought that was a constitutionally protected right. am i wrong there aman? >> absolutely. you and i both know that's protected. let me just give you a little background. there was rules to that amendment box, too. there was about a 200 x 200
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square box. they said this is your first amendment right. they had rules on it you could only have 25 people in it at a time. they actually set up two of them and you were only allowed to protection one box at a time. so basically saying that of all of america, you can only protest there and there can only be 25 of you at one time. >> you know, from my perspective, guys, i'm looking at it this way. i'm having a hard time understanding why the government would create a confrontation like this on land that they don't even want for a turtle that doesn't apparently need protection that the cattle are not going to hurt, i understand their dispute with you but this does not seem the right way to handle it. it seems like this is brewing into -- people are being tazed and hit and beaten and this -- it seems like we got to diffuse this. is there anything you can think of that might be willing to diffuse this? would you be willing to sit down
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and talk to them? >> sean, you got to remember, i challenged those authority and their placing power and resting power. i challenged that and they are challenging us back. i say that power belongs within the state and county. >> right. >> and they don't want to accept that. >> and you said look, you're going to take this to the end. i got to be honest, i'm worried about the encroachment of the federal government that spies illegally. we have an irs that harasses and intimidates and silences opposition voices. i'm worried about the lies told about the nsa, irs, what happened in benghazi and the lies that sold health care. i'm concerned that the government is over reaching here and they are making a deal over some, i don't know why they are taking a stand here. has anyone given you information why? >> well, sean, it's either a
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couple things but it's all the same problem. like my dad mentioned, when there is civil disobedience and their authority is questioned, if you want to maintain the authority, you have to stomp that out. that's what is going on. maybe they want it for some other reason. we'll find that out later. if we don't win this battle, but it's all the same problem. the origins are the same and it's in every industry. it's in the food industry. it's in the guitar industry. it's in the mining industry. oil industry. the ranching industry and it is the federal government over stepping those bounds and not recognizing the state sovereignty. >> it's predicated on a turtle, a tortoise that apparently isn't endangered. i'll be honest, we saw what happened at waco. last question, guys, when you
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said cliven, this would be a range war. those words were concerned to me. what did you mean by that? >> that means we'll do whatever it takes to secure our liberty and life and cultures and we're going to stand up for state sovereignty, our constitution. that's what we're here for to make a stand. we're going to be free in america. we're not going to fight the revolution or war over, i hope. >> i just don't want to see anybody lose their life over this. this has gotten way out of control. they need to pull back here and this has to be another way to resolve this. it's land -- >> well, they are -- >> they need to pull back. they need to pull back now. we got to put some propekttive. >> they are away. >> there has to be proportion -- >> they are out of the way. >> this has gotten out of control. thank you and stay safe. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> thank you, sean. >> coming up, more of our exclusive footage of the bundy
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ranch and we'll be joined by two bundy supporters, including his sister. they are on the ground helping to support cliven's cause and was she really fired? we'll have the latest on kathleen sebelius' resignation. plus, we've got some of the low lights from sebelius' time. that on this busy, busy friday news night on "hannity" as we continue. ♪ this land is your land, this land is my [ hypnotist ] you are feeling satisfied without standard leather. you are feeling exhilarated with front-wheel drive. you are feeling powerful with a 4-cylinder engine. [ male announcer ] open your eyes... to the 6-cylinder, 8-speed lexus gs. with more standard horsepower than any of its german competitors. this is a wake-up call. ♪
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this is a fox news alert. you just heard from the nevada rancher cliven bundy in the middle of a tense stand off after grazing on public land,
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it's actually state land. bundy family supporters have been showing up from all over the country all week and joining me from the ranch is cliven bundy's sister margaret houston and a supporter. margaret, let me start with you. i understand you got into a tussle with the blm agents out there. is that true? >> yeah, yeah, i did. >> yeah, what happened? >> we were just at the picket lines just demonstrating and we noticed up on the mountain that there was, you know, rangers coming down. so we spotted them, and they were -- there was 14 to 15 vehicles. we noticed there was a dump truck pulling a backhoe. so we wanted to know what was in the dump truck and what they were doing up there, and so we headed up and met them before they hit the pavement. i went up there the dirt road,
2:17 am
and, you know, i was hollering in the window, go home, we want you to go home. we want our cattle back. that kind of thing. a couple of them went by me. i got in front of one. he just kept coming and kind of pushed me with his truck a bit. i stood to the side. another one come up and i was hollering at them, same thing, go home, we don't want you here, we want our cows -- >> margaret, i don't understand one thing. this is state property, right? this isn't federal land. >> no, no, no federal land. >> so state -- >> clark county state land. >> and the desert tortoise is thriving and the government is killing them because there is too many of them? >> well, they are not thriving out on the desert as much. they have hauled them to areas in vegas, fenced areas and they have them there because they have taken them off the land in
2:18 am
vegas around the area you had to pay money per acre to see if there was turtles. they would take them off, put them in this inpound. now they can't afford to pay for them and take care of them so they are killing them. >> let me go to richard. i guess, richard, what everybody, i'm talking to everybody, our crew here. everybody wants to know why is the government handling it this way when it's -- if for example, the cattle don't hurt the desert tortoise, that cliven has done this for, his family has done it from the 1800s on. why are they provoking this confrontation this way? it's like they are arresting the cattle. if they felt they had a legal case i guess they could arrest cliven. why are they handling it this way, has anyone given you an explanation? >> sean, i don't know what their real motive behind it all is.
2:19 am
it don't make any sense. we never thought in our wildest dreams they would come out armed and treat the local residents here like they had no right, no, i mean it's like a marshall law around here. >> and you got free speech zones and only in those zones. is it true you have snipers up in the hills? >> there is, yes, there is and if you drive to mesquite on i-15 and look at the top of the mesa you will see snipers positioned at the top of the mesa overlooking their compound, quote, quote, supposedly protecting the compound. >> right, and there have been -- >> go ahead. this has the markings of a ds a disaster. >> it is scary to have guns on you for no reason. >> the government doesn't have more important things to do than
2:20 am
fight for land that they don't even own. >> right. >> well, exactly right. i mean, our freedoms are on the edge of being taken away from us and when they are gone, we won't be able to get them back. >> all right, guys. we have our crew out there tonight, and we're going to have much more on this story and we'll follow it all weekend and see you back here hopefully monday. thank you for being with us and stay safe. it's obviously very threatening. thank you. >> it is. thank you. all right. and when we come back, more on the standoff and kathleen sebelius is out as the hhs secretary but tonight, we have new information, was she fired from the post? we'll check in with fox's own ed henry. he's standing by and will join us with the latest and we'll examine what that this means for democrats come election plus tonight. >> america's oldest hall monitor sean hannity dedicated not one, not two but five different shows on the horrors of spring break.
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who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. and this is a fox news alert, earlier today president obama announced kathleen sebelius submitted her regular s -- resignation, there are indications she was pushed out or fired over the disastrous obamacare rollout. joining me now with the latest is ed henry, ed? >> good evening. the bottom line is the secretary is gone and the political battle continues. at the announcement today, one last glitch for kathleen sebelius bottom line is she lost a page in her farewell remarks, went on anyway.
2:24 am
but it was fitting because this ceremony today in the rose garden, the second pep rally in a couple weeks to tout the seven million signups is to turn the page on the botched rollout. the president insisting he's winning the battle while republicans like ted cruise say not so fast. they think sebelius was pushed out because democrats are nervous about the midterms. listen. >> yes, we lost the first quarter of open enrollment period with the problems with but under kathleen's leadership, her team turned the corner, got it fixed, got the job done and the final score speaks for itself. >> the reason we're seeing her resign now is because senate democrats are scared. they are running scared because every one of them in their races across the country are under
2:25 am
water, losing because obamacare has hurt so many millions of people. >> midterm elections also a key factor in sebelius being pushed out because if democrats lose control of the senate in november, it would be harder to get a new nominee confirmed. they are confident they will get sylvia confirmed and republicans say even if she gets through, they will use the confirmation hearing to use leverage to force the white house to give up confirmation such as how many of the seven million signups paid premiums? >> i know you're at the white house every day. do you get any strong answers as it relates to millions of americans that lost their plans, lost doctors and paying more and have we got a final cost what the website, how much did it finally cost? do we know? >> we don't know.
2:26 am
we push on the questions almost every day. today for example, jay carney was talking about how he believes these personnel moves won't matter to voters in november. he said the only thing that will matter is how many people have insurance. what about the people had a plan were told they can keep it and lost it? all these things will come up in november and the voters will decide. >> ed, thank you, as always. joining me to explain what impac impacts sebelius' resignation will have, larry. ed mentioned and referenced, you know, what happened with sebelius today, i can't find the page. let me play it for you and a symptom of the entire rollout and where obamacare is. windchill this. >> their stories are so heartening about finally feeling sure and knowing they can take care of themselves and their
2:27 am
families. unfortunately, a page is missing. [ laughter ] >> so i'm just grateful for having had this wonderful opportunity. >> boy, they didn't need that, especially considering the rollout, right? >> yeah, i'd like to know what was on that page. but look, you know, sean, the important thing is this, remember when the camden officers walk into the state of the union address? i'm always struck how completely anonymous they are. sebelius is better known than most. i think she's leaving now so that most people will forget about her, forget about her by november but it doesn't matter. this has been going on for years. the most politically interested and active people who are precisely the people who voted in a midterm election made up their minds about obamacare a long time ago and every recent poll has shown that obamacare is
2:28 am
still unpopular nationally by the eight to 12 points and in the red states where the republicans are challenging democratic incumbents, it's more like 15 or 20. obamacare will continue to be a major issue. >> it got as low as 26% in one poll. my question coming out of it is going to be this is obamacare. they spent, what, 600, $7 million, had a website ready in 2011, '12, '13 and '14. they couldn't get it right. here say a monotaj of her history. >> this is an incredibly agonizing situation where somebody lives and somebody dies. >> i got some good news for you. it isn't your typical government website. we've made it, i think, very easy to use. the website has never crashed. it is functional but at a very
2:29 am
slow speed and very low reliability. been a long time coming. >> i heard it's temporarily down. >> ut oh. >> that will still continue to be a tough sale but we'll see how that plays out over the coming months. all right. secretary sebelius, thank you so much for being with us this morning. i think we probably lost sound here or something. >> i can hear you but i -- thanks for having me. >> larry, my question is, all the promises, keep your doctor, keep your plan, save money, all these millions of americans, they are not getting that promise and then a website that we spend hundreds of millions of dollars on. do any of these candidates, are they able to overcome that? >> personally, i don't think so. only a few of them are really attempting to defend obamacare, spending money to do it or even time on the stump. the smarter ones, frankly, are running away and trying to emphasize other issues that
2:30 am
might stir the democratic base. sean, again, when you look beneath these surface numbers, what you find is this, about 2/3rds of republicans are highly motivated to vote because they believe obamacare is wrong and it is a very important issue in the campaign. only about half of democrats are motivated by obamacare and less than half of independents are. so it's republicans i think that will disproportionally turn out in november and sway the election. >> carl had eight republicans leading and picking up seats. let's go to the hannity big board and look at four. larry, pay close attention. red state democrats, mark prior in arkansas and bogich and hagan, how many of them put out a statement as it repeats to kathleen sebelius stepping down? mark prior? no, a big x for mark pryor, same
2:31 am
thing with landrieu and hagan same thing. is that by design? >> probably. i'm sure some of them, you know, called her privately and asked that it be kept off the record. obviously, they don't want to be asoe associated with her and glitches and rollout and obamacare generally. a few of them are defending obamacare. i've noticed that senator begoch said favorable things. you know -- >> they still voted for her. >> a republican indicted ahead of the election by just a few thousand votes. i wouldn't call him secure. >> kay hagan, mary made the same promises. coming up next tonight right
2:32 am
here on a busy news night on "hannity". >> risky behavior sometimes with tragic results -- [ laughter ] >> shortly after filming that piece, that young woman blew out her left butt check. >> john steward our biggest supporter on spring break. could all this attention actually make spring break safer for your sons and daughters? we'll debate that next. set your dvr hannity the series
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all right. welcome back to "hannity". our week-long series on spring break got a lot of attention, including a six-minute segment. i'm beginning think john steward has a crush on me. >> yes, america's oldest hall
2:38 am
monitor sean hannity dedicated not one, not two, but five different she shows on the horrors of spring break including the entire hour on friday, a panel of experts there to expose this annual event. you will believe what they found because you know. >> drinking, drugs, risky behavior sometimes with tragic results. [ laughter ] >> shortly after filming that piece, that young woman blew out her left butt cheek. some may think this is less than a news story but a week to run tna footage. you would only be 99.9% right. >> america's old ed hall monitor. ouch, how cleaver. the question is can the attention actually make spring
2:39 am
break safer? joining me now two of the guests from spring break's feature featured in his ranch, and from hollywood chloe molis. >> i got it. i remember. >> he actually took you on because you did the funnel, you were a brave volunteer. we'll show this side of that. watch. >> a funnel. you have to lean back and open up their throat and the beer goes down. >> chloe. >> and up underneath. that's the trick. >> yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah, bend your knees. >> let me help liberal steward out for a second here. every year they say kids die. every year kids go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, drug overdoses and a group of people, hundred milers praying on them and girls in one case, molested. >> to be honest, sean, and for the world out there watching that, judging me for doing that
2:40 am
in a negative way, all i have to say is it was a not to do on spring break. it can be dangerous, although i didn't experience it to levels and degrees that you showed but it's about having stricter laws and informing children of the dangers of what can happen on spring break, right? >> what annoys me about the "daily show" is john steward is so smug and it's okay to be smug when you're right. we went down there, filmed this stuff ask discovered spring break this year is unlike any that came before it. the panel said we used to do spring break. it was this and had beers and stuff and showed how tame it was and that went over his head and goes, you guys didn't discover anything -- >> yes, we did. >> it's a comedy show -- >> yes, but your jokes have to be based on reality. >> the bottom line is john steward sits at home every night and watches the sean hannity show.
2:41 am
>> we got proof of that, by the way. this is not the first bit he's done on this. he's begging me to stay in new york. watch this. >> sean hannity is disgusted, disgusted. he is disgusted at the new york governor's intolerance. >> we must keep him. but how? ♪ hey mr. hannaty stay, what will we do if you run away ♪ who we would tax if his money was gone, who would we impose socialism on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't disappear forever >> do i really deserve that? >> i think i see a man crush when i see a man crash. >> i think he's digging me. >> i think you got to get john steward on this show. >> i don't want anything to do with his comedy. >> this is now a rape convention and it's dangerous and that's a
2:42 am
huge joke to them and we're the morons. >> listen, i don't care because what really struck me in this whole report is eight people die every year, right, alcohol poisoning, drug overdoses, bad drugs, and then this group of people that goes into pray on those kids. that's new news. that's a new development. america didn't know that before. >> the thing is i don't want that to happen -- i'm mad at the parents because don't they pay the money for this? >> they do and for parents to think they can keep kids at home and not go. kids will find a way to party with friends anyway. >> listen to your parents, you went behind their back. >> i listened to my parents except for one year i did two spring breaks they didn't know about. i behaved myself because i knew the dangers and i think shows like this and dedicating five shows is important because it informs parents, teens, everyone watching your show. >> i'm still getting people committing for you saying it's okay for sons --
2:43 am
>> would you rather have your daughter work at a strip club or have you son attend as a customer. >> this -- >> this is worse than a strip club. >> i took you on on that show and i'll take you on again. you can't not have women go on spring break -- >> you can't have women going to strip clubs. women will always work at strip clubs, but i would rather my daughter off the pole and my son a customer than vice versa. >> i hope your daughter stays off the pole but these problems will live on -- >> who do you think you are, god? there will always be -- >> come on. >> loose ladies, what's the term? >> apologize. be nice. >> no, the woman -- you saw them, they are nude fornicating on the beach. what are they, ladies? >> we should send him down next year. >> i think we ought to protect the girls more and not send him. >> gavin, you're on your own, your responsible.
2:44 am
new details as the standoff between cliven bundy. president obama in the big apple speaking at the national action network conference but it was his attorney general eric holder that raised a lot of eyebrows this week. we'll play that and explain as hannity continues straight ahead. co: sometimes you don't know you need a hotel room
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until you're sure you do. bartender: thanks, captain obvious. co: which is why i put the mobile app on my mobile phone. anyone need a coupon? i don't.
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welcome back to "hannity." president obama spoke today at al sharpton's conference but the man that made waves with his speech was the attorney general, eric holder when talkingbili ab the state of civil rights, he played the race card and objections to his administrations go beyond political differences. watch this. >> forget about me. you look at the way the attorney general of the united states was treated yesterday but a house committee, had nothing to do with me. what attorney general had to deal with that kind of treatment? president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? >> let's see, john ashcroft,
2:50 am
janet reno to name a few. what exactly was holder talking about? he was >> you should not assume that that is not a big deal to me. i think it was inappropriate, unjust, never think that that was not a big deal to me. don't ever think that. >> i can think of a lot of conservatives treated much, much worse than what happened here. here with reaction, the man i'm supporting for his congressional seat. let's go back, janet reno, democrat, george w. bush as president?
2:51 am
far worse i think poor mr. eric holder had to go through. >> how about alberto gonzales? >> another great example. >> how about colin powell? >> condoleezza rice. there is a vicious double standard you know eric holder, unfortunately i say with disappointment the president of the united states used race card as a political weapon of mass destruction. >> this administration is questioning on a lot of lawlessness and lies about benghazi, the nsa and irs. lies about health care. you know, seems anyone there is questioning it. is this the, i guess, way to intimidate people into silence? playing the race card? >> i won't go that far. i can understand there are folks out there, i can understand you,
2:52 am
sean, upset how the administration handled benghazi or the irs. i think what the attorney general is al you'ding to, that no attorney general ever went through this type of treatment. >> that is false. go back and check what is looking at videotape. >> excuse me. >> there has never been administration as lawless as this one. look at what jonathan turley, liberal, george wash university law professor says we're at a constitutional tipping point. a >> are they as lawless of dick cheney identifying the secret identity of cia secret operative? >> richard i'm saying this as two young african americans jackie robinson had more obstacles and never complained he overcame it. i just want to say quickly because i know fox news has been on top of this.
2:53 am
the bundy situation i met with him and his wonderful family, i urge you investigate this more to the story than meets the eye. there may be crony capitolism involved here. and harry reid and his son, rory reid. >> we're out there now. we're going to be all over it next week. i promise you. >> thank you. >> unless it hurts you, i'm supporting your candidacy. we've been friends for decades. if it hurts you say hannity is against me, if helps you, i'm on your team. >> appreciate it. >> a tense standoff in nevada. the rancher and feds. is this going to get ugly? the latest when we come back. [ female announcer hands were made for playing. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪
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so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at this is a fox news alert we continue to follow a tense standoff between nevada rancher and federal officials surrounded the ranch after impounding hundreds of cattle this week. bundy family supporters have come out strong to fight against the government. they all say they hope for a peaceful settlement. william you heard tonight, very tense night tonight. >> yes. they're expecting a lot of
2:58 am
people tomorrow because they're coming from around the country. they'll be a rally in the morning around 9:00 a.m at the bundy ranch with militia members, supporters and those people in nevada, ranchers, timber cutters, mining many. people have a rural way of life they feel it's under attack by federal land use policies sean? >> thank you so much. we're going to continue to follow this story and will have reporters on the ground all day monday. before we go, hope you'll set your dvr. we hope you'll record "hannity" the srdz so we don't miss each other. start your day fox and friends every weekday morning at 5:00 a.m . ♪
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hello and good morning, it is saturday, the 12th of april, 2014. i'm anna kooiman. we begin with a fox news alert. the faa has ordered a no-fly zone over the bundy ranch in nevada. it's big government versus the rancher and mr. bundy is not backing down. >> they want' unlimited power over the people of united states. they want this land and it's not the land as much as they want the power. >> we have all the latest details next. >> and so long sebelius. one final rich glitch watch thi. and knowing they can take care of themselves and their


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